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Introducting Robo for EZLynx only $700 a year*

  Robo4-EZLynx is designed to help grow your agency. It will automatically quote your internet leads almost instantly. Any time of the Day, any day of the year,you are responding to the prospect first. With the power of EZLynx you can feel comfortable knowing you are presenting the prospect with the lowest rate.
  • $700 includes 1 year License of ROBO-Agent and your first 50 Quotes. After the first 50 Quotes, it is $1 per quote, prepaid.
  • Quotes Home and Auto
  • Will rate up to 4 carriers per quote.
  • Quotes are emailed to the prospect usually within a minute.
  • Quotes are personalized to the prospect and the agent.

Quote Credits

ROBO-Agent using ezLynx Quote automation service (QAS) gives the ability to generate accurate insurance quote proposals at trailblazing speeds, allowing agents to focus on the sale instead of data entry. This comes at a cost from ezLynx, the cost is $1 per applicant with up to 4 carrier quotes returned. This is a pass through charge from ezLynx, ROBO-Agent is required to escrow on the agents behalf.

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